About Us

Fractured Tree Creations began when dad, John and son, Jordan were discussing  project ideas after both of our employment situations had been affected due to the Pandemic. John had grown up with a love for woodworking, passed on to him from his dad and Jordan had experienced a similar love for making and building a variety of things. 
During this "brainstorming" session, we discovered that both had a fascination for and a desire to learn more about the Lichtenberg woodworking process (fractal burning). Jordan, in fact, had already constructed a "safer"  Lichtenberg machine and was further researching how the process worked. It was determined that fractal burning was unique enough to create a business around. From there, Fractured Tree Creations began and within a few weeks the first charcuterie/serving board designs were completed and the work began.
As a 2 man, family owned business, attention to detail is paramount. Each piece is skillfully crafted by hand from beginning to end and the result is an heirloom quality piece that will provide years of functionality and beauty to the owner. No two Lichtenberg pieces are ever the same which means each board is an individual, unique piece of functional art. 
Thank you for your interest in Fractured Tree Creations. Let us know how we are doing! To those patrons who have and are continuing to support us, we are genuinely grateful. We don't take lightly, that because of you we get to do what we love and love what we do. We hope you can see that in each piece we create.