Board Care

Board Care and Cleaning

Never submerge your board in water or wash in your dishwasher. Drastic changes with humidity can cause your board to warp and/or crack. Likewise, never expose your board to heat. It is wood and will burn and/or warp. DO NOT use any harsh chemical or bleach on your board. Your board has been pre-finished with a food safe finish when it arrives to you, but will benefit from occasional re-treatment with our FTC Board Butter. Always use food safe products on your board. 

  1. To clean: wash using warm water, a mild soap and a soft dish rag or sponge followed by a thorough rinsing. Again, DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER! 

  2. Immediately hand dry with a soft towel and let your board dry completely in an upright position before storing (Usually overnight). 

  3. When you determine that your board could benefit from a finish re-treatment, apply our food safe FTC Board Butter provided (or any food safe board conditioner) with our hand made, cotton applicator (provided) or a lint free, soft cloth and allow it to sit and penetrate into the wood before buffing with a clean, lint free soft cloth. Allow the board to cure overnight before storing. 

Our boards are designed to be used as a cutting board on the non-decorated side, and a serving / charcuterie board on the designed face. We utilize fine hardwoods for all of our boards so they can be used for this dual purpose. Over time, cutting will naturally scratch the surface of all cutting boards. By following this suggestion (cutting only on the non-decorated side) your board will continue to look like the beautiful piece of art that we designed it to be.